Savage Altruism and the Real World

The savage self righteous altruism of the Left and the real world will always breed barbarism the ignorant cowardly losers of Islam will always rise to the challenge. The Left will always blame those who speak the truth for the action of those who vapidly and viscously kill innocent people while all along the empowerment of savages comes directly from the Left, it is the Left that makes excuse for barbarism and emboldens the Pavlovian Savage’s blood lust.

In the wake of 22 innocents slaughtered in Manchester England coming on the heels of so many other massacres carried out by Muslims and in the light of the misguided telling us to just go on leaving our lives, I have a message for the nattering nabobs of positivity;

Go to hell.

Salman Abedi is a hero in the Muslim world it almost without doubt that his family will receive a stipend for Abedi’s service to Allah yet the complicit nincompoops of the world are telling  that the best way to combat such brutal evil is to live as if it didn’t happen.

Justo on with your lives.

Go on watching Youtube videos.

Go to the beach.

Go to the mountains.

Go to concerts.

Go to sporting events.

Go out to dinner, go to the movies.

The Left tells us go out there and show those misguided and marginalized youths of the Caliphate that they cannot stop us from living our lives.

That will show them.

Let the barbarians kill and kill and kill. Let them maim, destroy, run people over in the street, let them shout “Allahu Akbar” let them raise their bloody hands in unadulterated joy that only a savage can feel as he revels in the scent of innocent blood.
Yet the complicit holier than thou crowd callously says live your life,  it is not your blood, skin and brain matter that other victims are washing out of their hair and picking out of their teeth so don’t alter your life, after all you are alive. The earth is full of people. This mantra, this placebo for reality is as vile, freakish and pathetic as the Caliphate itself.

Savage altruism is what the Left has been kowtowing the world with for years. If you say one way of life is better than another way of life the nincompoops of  will shout “Off with your head!!” If a coward of Islam saws off the head of an infidel the nincompoops say “Golly, what did the West do to deserve that? Tell us so we can stop offending you. Did your clothes get stained with the infidels blood? We are starting a clothing drive just for you, don’t worry.”

It is unconscionable to me that we are told by the elites, by politicians, by religious leaders and by the liberal apologists that the best revenge when innocents are killed by cowards is to live our own lives and “meh” about the victims. Light a candle, change your avatar, wring your hands.

Show proper sadness, sad face emojis fill the bill and then move on.

Don’t let them change us!

Who is them ? The candy-ass minions of Islam? The politicians who nurtured and profited from the rise of the Islamic resurgence ?

Who is us? Even the most indoctrinated leftist must admit that those who have been burned to death, those who have been run over, those who have been shot to death, those who have been torn to shreds by bombs cannot simply “go on with their lives”. Science, remember? No debate.
Such brutal self congratulatory altruism has no place in a civilized society.
Let’s take a look at a few recent gifts of Islam;
San Bernardino Muslims killed 14 people.

Ariana Grande Concert a Muslim killed 22 people and injured at least another 60.

At the Charlie Hebdo offices Muslim’s killed 12 people.

At the Pulse Nightclub a Muslim slaughtered 50 people.

During the joyful French Bastille days a Muslim killed 84 people.

In Westminster a Muslim killed 5 people.

In Boston Muslims killed 3 people and injured 125.

None of these innocent victims have a choice of moving on and showing the pathetic losers of Islam that they will not live in fear. It is impossible to follow the Leftist rules when you have already been slaughtered by a coward.
“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

__Fredrich Nietzsche
Not even Nietzsche imagined that he should warn against coddling, embracing and making excuses for the monsters.
There should be no coexisting with cowardly Caliphate. None.

Martin Richard before Islam;

Martin Richard after Islam;

Bataclan Theater before Islam;

Bataclan Theater after Islam;

France’s Bastille Days before Islam;

France’s Bastille Days after Islam

Father Mychal Judge before Islam;

Father Mychal Judge after Islam;


Is there a sane world in which we co-exist with such savagery? We live in a world where the Left tells us that it is altruistic to accept such evil, to understand it. At the very least to live as if it did not exist.

Another terrorist attack and a fallen world shrugs its collective shoulders, says “How terribly awful!” while saying  “Please, no dairy in my coffee.”

Madness has surrounded us like the instinctive reflexes of a boa constrictor and the Left tells us to revel in the warmth of it’s hug.

When will we say no more?

When will we drive the savages off the face of the earth?

Now. Right now is not soon enough.

There is no place in a humane society for the cowards of Sharia. No place for stupid  savages. No place for disgusting peodphiles, no place for vile rapists, no place for practitioners of beastiality, no place for slaveowners (did you know Muslims own slaves ?) no place for a culture of dregs and losers whose only hope of recognition is to commit grotesque evil against innocents.

Their battlefield is an arena of innocents.
The Left would have you believe other wise.

Just order that coffee without fear and dang it “we the civilized” are winning.

I pray that most of the “move along crowd” are jejune in their complicity and coddling of evil, I fear that more that they are cognitive of the malfeasance and mendacity of their morality.

How many more innocents must be killed in the name of Allah before it is unacceptable for the complicit Left to go on acting as if nothing is wrong?

And a special message to all you stupid, stupid women who have worn the hijab to show solidarity with Muslim women. How dare you mock the suffering of women under Sharia. How dare you. Women are owned in accordance with the Koran and Sharia they do not have a choice to even feel sunlight anywhere other than their hands and faces. Shame on each and every one of you who has tried to normalize the hijab.

Non-Muslim hijab wearers are a fraud and a menace if you really care about women’s rights in the Islamic world help the women escape their masters.

You could always spend you time trying to stop these men from throwing stones rather than encouraging Muslim women that wearing a hijab is a reasonable thing to have to do so that they aren’t raped.

Or tell these men to stop throwing stones. The hijab is not trendy nor is it a sign of women’s empowerment it is a symbol of savage oppression.


Do you blacken your eyes in solidarity with women of domestic abuse to try and make bruised faces trendy and chic?

Good grief.



Lullaby to Arms

Lullaby to Arms

A call to arms,
Which once held babies safe and warm,
Now in lies freedoms aim,
A call to revolution,

She is steady as a rock,
Whispers prayers
Her aim be true,
Her enemy unmasked,
And with steady resolve

The voice that once sang
Says with steady voice
“My child is not yours to command”

When the enemy comes prowling,

We shall put down our tea,
And take up our arms,

We shall put to shame
We shall return to earth,
Those who have made us
Their enemies,

We are not soft,
We are Love,
Love stronger
Than a legion of angels,

We are the bearers of our children
And the guardians
of their future.

We will not be lulled, coerced
Or bowed into compliance.

What is mine is mine.

Lullaby and goodnight,

The bow is broken

Stand down or die.

London is Falling



Sadiq Khan about Islamic terrorism “It’s part and parcel of living in a great global city,”

Barack Obama “We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country.”


Hillary Clinton “Let’s be clear: Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.”




Angela Merkel “The phenomenon of Islamist terrorism, of IS, is not a phenomenon that came to us with the refugees,…”



Elizabeth Warren proudly to President Trump “You’re Muslim ban is now 0 – 2.”



Allah’s interpreter and prophet Mohamed “And kill them wherever you overtake them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, and fitnah is worse than killing.”


When Wilt Thou Save the People?

When wilt thou save the people?
Oh God of mercy when?


Flowers of thy heart
O God are they
Let them not pass like weeds away


Not kings and lords but nations,
Not thrones and crowns
But men


God save the people,
Shall crime bring crime forever
Strength aiding still the strong


Is it thy will, O Father
That men shall toil
For wrong?


Oh, no, say thy mountains
No, say thy skies

Man’s clouded sun shall brightly rise
And songs be heard instead of sighs
God save the people!

Oh, God save the people
For thine they are
Thy children as thy angels fair
Save the people
From despair
God save the people!

Oh God of mercy when?
The people, Lord! The people!
Not thrones and crowns
But men

Oh, God save the people
For thine they are
Thy children as thy angels fair
Save the people
From despair
God save the people!


God save the people!


God save us!
For thine they are
Thy children as thy angels fair
Save the people
From despair
God save the people!

Pray without ceasing.


(Music from Godspell)

Mark 9:29  And he said to them, “This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer.”

And pass the ammunition.





The Assange Interview

IMO the most salient truth of the entire interview which Julian makes is that the document widely being touted as an “Intelligence Report” is in the most basic and honest terms not an intelligence report at all but rather a press release clearly designed for political affect. Everything else falls into proper perspective after that truth is realized.

The propaganda is an open sourced document, it is an analysis of publicly known and previously reported on information, brought to a conclusion that was preordained before the first letter of “In conclusion” was ever typed out.

It is as Assange says important to understand that there is no evidence as in zip zero nada in the “report” that supports the opinion reached or rather alluded to in the conclusion of the report.

Every country with major intelligence agencies attempts to hack and successfully hacks other countries. It is the way of world. That is the objective conclusion of the “facts” presented in the press release being masqueraded as an intelligence report.

Julian also deftly analyzes the timing and deliberate conflation of “facts” by the authors of the report by calling attention to the beginning of the leaked Podesta emails into perspective. Wikileaks, Russia, the DNC, RNC, Soros, all PTB had no inkling that Trump would be the nominee in 2015 when the emails began to be made public. That puts a critical boot on the neck of the accepted conclusions of the intent of the leaks. Or as Julian eloquently put it, it puts A great fog in connecting Wiki to Russia and Russia to the election in America.

The report is a big nothing burger and it is an even bigger nothing burger without maliciously attributing intent to the leaks.

Julian thinks and speaks like an attorney. He is concrete whereas most people are viewing and interpreting the “report” in the abstract. Julian reminds us that the “report” is worded in such a way that no factual assertions are made in its conclusion, rather the “report” if read objectively states that its own conclusions are speculative conflations.

The propaganda value of the report is literally the only value that the genesis of the “report” could have hoped it would have as there is zero evidentiary weight to it. It carries zero legal weight.

The silver lining as Assange said is that the CIA, DOJ and FBI all validate Wikileaks as the “report” proves true that the emails released by them are legitimate and that both Donna Brazille and Tim Kaine lied when they said that the emails attributed to them were “falsified.”

Offering a $30,000 reward to anyone preserving documents that Obama is trying to destroy is brilliant. I imagine that Obama is as well liked as Hillary by those he lords power over, my guess is that someone who Obama has spit on will bite.

There is also this beautiful little nugget tucked in all those words;

Assange: “It is absolutely false that Wikileaks had access to RNC emails and chose not to leak them.” I suspect that announcement made a lot of MSM, DNC and PTB sigh in despair.

So we come down to a press release, disguised as an intelligence report, of absolutely no legal or evidentiary value, designed to do as Assange said two things 1) Keep the illegitimate liberal oligarchs in power and 2) delegitimize Trump’s presidency.

Obama has prosecuted journalists under the espionage act 3 times more than all the previous administrations combined. This “report” is about an out of control regime trying to to retain some semblance of power and perhaps keep themselves from charges of treason or dereliction of duty.

Remember it is rumored that after the Matt Lauer interview Hillary Clinton said “If he (Trump) wins we will all hang.” I for one do not believe that it is far fetched that Clinton, Obama, Holder, Lynch and all those in their inner circle are guilty of crimes against humanity and the United States of America.

Who is that Chief of Staff?

My first reaction to Paul Ryan’s best friend Reince Priebus being named Trumps “Keys to the Kingdom” holder was not positive. In fact my first thought was that choosing Priebus was spitting in the face of “we the people” who fought for and voted for a Trump presidency.
The more I reflected the more I understood that if Trump’s supporters were unhappy with the choice of Priebus as Chief of Staff, the only people more unhappy were the establishment dyed in the wool republicans, this choice sent shock waves through the very heart of the blue blood republican’s black hearts.


Trump cannot be an island so I understand his need to have someone like Priebus. But, Priebus was the poster boy for the establishment, my “Drain the swamp!” portion of my brain shouted at me.


So I had a battle within my own brain.


First I’m not sure that people outside of WI understand just how powerful and pivotal WI politicians are after the Prop 10 fight and the hard fought and won battle over the recall el of Scott Walker.  WI was the epicenter of the fight for the GOP’s power across the US and Team Wisconsin made deep deep reaches and lasting, still standing relationships into the underbelly of the entire RNC machine.


There is a reason that the Speaker of the House, the RNC Chair and Scott Walker the first GOP candidate to surrender his presidential bid and whine for the other candidates and all republicans to unite against Donald Trump.


Before the announcement was made local Talk Show radio host Mark Belling said that Trump was and I quote  “absolutely in love with Priebus”  which took me slightly aback so I stuck it in the back of my mind. Belling was a Never Trumper (Belling denies this ) but Belling does have his finger on the pulse of WI politics so I trust Belling’s knowledge that Trump genuinely likes (loves ) Priebus.


Many things have been consistent about Trump since that magnificent, beautiful elevator ride on June 16th, 2015. Two of the things that have remained unwaveringly consistent and impressive about President Elect Trump is that he is loyal, expects loyalty from those who surround him and Trump is an exceptionally gifted judge of people. Wicked good.


A third thing which is as impressive and as important as the first two attributes I mentioned is that people within the establishment who gave Trump an honest chance all became Trump advocates and not only supporters but without hesitation the converts spoke about Trump’s intrinsic goodness as a man, a husband, a father and an American who loves his country and wants to right the beautiful ship that is America.


In short people, even RNC establishment who chose to put the country before their own place at the trough, became advocates for Trump at the risk of being booted from the inner circle of trough benefits, Trump believes that Priebus falls into this category of honorable people.


Remember it was Trump who said Anthony Weiner made Huma a security risk <i>months</i>  before it was revealed publicly that HRC’s emails were found on Weiner’s computer during a pedophilia investigation. Trump has a gift, a shrewdness for seeing through the layers of the onion and knowing the center before the first cut of the knife is made.
All that said I greatly dislike the saying “Let Trump be Trump.” No one, including Trump should be given carte blanche with the power of the presidency and the saying itself reminds me of the blind Obama Goose Steppers. I trust Trump but I will never sit back and refuse to question a decision he makes that does not seem to be consistent with candidate Trump.



I believe Priebus proved himself to be loyal to Trump during the campaign to the satisfaction of Trump, his children and his closest non-establishment allies. Given Trump’s track record that is good enough for me.



I trust Trump’s instincts about Priebus.


Now let’s sit back and watch the traitorous Speaker Paul Ryan get kicked to the curb.

Hello world :)