Who is that Chief of Staff?

My first reaction to Paul Ryan’s best friend Reince Priebus being named Trumps “Keys to the Kingdom” holder was not positive. In fact my first thought was that choosing Priebus was spitting in the face of “we the people” who fought for and voted for a Trump presidency.
The more I reflected the more I understood that if Trump’s supporters were unhappy with the choice of Priebus as Chief of Staff, the only people more unhappy were the establishment dyed in the wool republicans, this choice sent shock waves through the very heart of the blue blood republican’s black hearts.


Trump cannot be an island so I understand his need to have someone like Priebus. But, Priebus was the poster boy for the establishment, my “Drain the swamp!” portion of my brain shouted at me.


So I had a battle within my own brain.


First I’m not sure that people outside of WI understand just how powerful and pivotal WI politicians are after the Prop 10 fight and the hard fought and won battle over the recall el of Scott Walker.  WI was the epicenter of the fight for the GOP’s power across the US and Team Wisconsin made deep deep reaches and lasting, still standing relationships into the underbelly of the entire RNC machine.


There is a reason that the Speaker of the House, the RNC Chair and Scott Walker the first GOP candidate to surrender his presidential bid and whine for the other candidates and all republicans to unite against Donald Trump.


Before the announcement was made local Talk Show radio host Mark Belling said that Trump was and I quote  “absolutely in love with Priebus”  which took me slightly aback so I stuck it in the back of my mind. Belling was a Never Trumper (Belling denies this ) but Belling does have his finger on the pulse of WI politics so I trust Belling’s knowledge that Trump genuinely likes (loves ) Priebus.


Many things have been consistent about Trump since that magnificent, beautiful elevator ride on June 16th, 2015. Two of the things that have remained unwaveringly consistent and impressive about President Elect Trump is that he is loyal, expects loyalty from those who surround him and Trump is an exceptionally gifted judge of people. Wicked good.


A third thing which is as impressive and as important as the first two attributes I mentioned is that people within the establishment who gave Trump an honest chance all became Trump advocates and not only supporters but without hesitation the converts spoke about Trump’s intrinsic goodness as a man, a husband, a father and an American who loves his country and wants to right the beautiful ship that is America.


In short people, even RNC establishment who chose to put the country before their own place at the trough, became advocates for Trump at the risk of being booted from the inner circle of trough benefits, Trump believes that Priebus falls into this category of honorable people.


Remember it was Trump who said Anthony Weiner made Huma a security risk <i>months</i>  before it was revealed publicly that HRC’s emails were found on Weiner’s computer during a pedophilia investigation. Trump has a gift, a shrewdness for seeing through the layers of the onion and knowing the center before the first cut of the knife is made.
All that said I greatly dislike the saying “Let Trump be Trump.” No one, including Trump should be given carte blanche with the power of the presidency and the saying itself reminds me of the blind Obama Goose Steppers. I trust Trump but I will never sit back and refuse to question a decision he makes that does not seem to be consistent with candidate Trump.



I believe Priebus proved himself to be loyal to Trump during the campaign to the satisfaction of Trump, his children and his closest non-establishment allies. Given Trump’s track record that is good enough for me.



I trust Trump’s instincts about Priebus.


Now let’s sit back and watch the traitorous Speaker Paul Ryan get kicked to the curb.


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