Lullaby to Arms

Lullaby to Arms

A call to arms,
Which once held babies safe and warm,
Now in lies freedoms aim,
A call to revolution,

She is steady as a rock,
Whispers prayers
Her aim be true,
Her enemy unmasked,
And with steady resolve

The voice that once sang
Says with steady voice
“My child is not yours to command”

When the enemy comes prowling,

We shall put down our tea,
And take up our arms,

We shall put to shame
We shall return to earth,
Those who have made us
Their enemies,

We are not soft,
We are Love,
Love stronger
Than a legion of angels,

We are the bearers of our children
And the guardians
of their future.

We will not be lulled, coerced
Or bowed into compliance.

What is mine is mine.

Lullaby and goodnight,

The bow is broken

Stand down or die.


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