Savage Altruism and the Real World

The savage self righteous altruism of the Left and the real world will always breed barbarism the ignorant cowardly losers of Islam will always rise to the challenge. The Left will always blame those who speak the truth for the action of those who vapidly and viscously kill innocent people while all along the empowerment of savages comes directly from the Left, it is the Left that makes excuse for barbarism and emboldens the Pavlovian Savage’s blood lust.

In the wake of 22 innocents slaughtered in Manchester England coming on the heels of so many other massacres carried out by Muslims and in the light of the misguided telling us to just go on leaving our lives, I have a message for the nattering nabobs of positivity;

Go to hell.

Salman Abedi is a hero in the Muslim world it almost without doubt that his family will receive a stipend for Abedi’s service to Allah yet the complicit nincompoops of the world are telling  that the best way to combat such brutal evil is to live as if it didn’t happen.

Justo on with your lives.

Go on watching Youtube videos.

Go to the beach.

Go to the mountains.

Go to concerts.

Go to sporting events.

Go out to dinner, go to the movies.

The Left tells us go out there and show those misguided and marginalized youths of the Caliphate that they cannot stop us from living our lives.

That will show them.

Let the barbarians kill and kill and kill. Let them maim, destroy, run people over in the street, let them shout “Allahu Akbar” let them raise their bloody hands in unadulterated joy that only a savage can feel as he revels in the scent of innocent blood.
Yet the complicit holier than thou crowd callously says live your life,  it is not your blood, skin and brain matter that other victims are washing out of their hair and picking out of their teeth so don’t alter your life, after all you are alive. The earth is full of people. This mantra, this placebo for reality is as vile, freakish and pathetic as the Caliphate itself.

Savage altruism is what the Left has been kowtowing the world with for years. If you say one way of life is better than another way of life the nincompoops of  will shout “Off with your head!!” If a coward of Islam saws off the head of an infidel the nincompoops say “Golly, what did the West do to deserve that? Tell us so we can stop offending you. Did your clothes get stained with the infidels blood? We are starting a clothing drive just for you, don’t worry.”

It is unconscionable to me that we are told by the elites, by politicians, by religious leaders and by the liberal apologists that the best revenge when innocents are killed by cowards is to live our own lives and “meh” about the victims. Light a candle, change your avatar, wring your hands.

Show proper sadness, sad face emojis fill the bill and then move on.

Don’t let them change us!

Who is them ? The candy-ass minions of Islam? The politicians who nurtured and profited from the rise of the Islamic resurgence ?

Who is us? Even the most indoctrinated leftist must admit that those who have been burned to death, those who have been run over, those who have been shot to death, those who have been torn to shreds by bombs cannot simply “go on with their lives”. Science, remember? No debate.
Such brutal self congratulatory altruism has no place in a civilized society.
Let’s take a look at a few recent gifts of Islam;
San Bernardino Muslims killed 14 people.

Ariana Grande Concert a Muslim killed 22 people and injured at least another 60.

At the Charlie Hebdo offices Muslim’s killed 12 people.

At the Pulse Nightclub a Muslim slaughtered 50 people.

During the joyful French Bastille days a Muslim killed 84 people.

In Westminster a Muslim killed 5 people.

In Boston Muslims killed 3 people and injured 125.

None of these innocent victims have a choice of moving on and showing the pathetic losers of Islam that they will not live in fear. It is impossible to follow the Leftist rules when you have already been slaughtered by a coward.
“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

__Fredrich Nietzsche
Not even Nietzsche imagined that he should warn against coddling, embracing and making excuses for the monsters.
There should be no coexisting with cowardly Caliphate. None.

Martin Richard before Islam;

Martin Richard after Islam;

Bataclan Theater before Islam;

Bataclan Theater after Islam;

France’s Bastille Days before Islam;

France’s Bastille Days after Islam

Father Mychal Judge before Islam;

Father Mychal Judge after Islam;


Is there a sane world in which we co-exist with such savagery? We live in a world where the Left tells us that it is altruistic to accept such evil, to understand it. At the very least to live as if it did not exist.

Another terrorist attack and a fallen world shrugs its collective shoulders, says “How terribly awful!” while saying  “Please, no dairy in my coffee.”

Madness has surrounded us like the instinctive reflexes of a boa constrictor and the Left tells us to revel in the warmth of it’s hug.

When will we say no more?

When will we drive the savages off the face of the earth?

Now. Right now is not soon enough.

There is no place in a humane society for the cowards of Sharia. No place for stupid  savages. No place for disgusting peodphiles, no place for vile rapists, no place for practitioners of beastiality, no place for slaveowners (did you know Muslims own slaves ?) no place for a culture of dregs and losers whose only hope of recognition is to commit grotesque evil against innocents.

Their battlefield is an arena of innocents.
The Left would have you believe other wise.

Just order that coffee without fear and dang it “we the civilized” are winning.

I pray that most of the “move along crowd” are jejune in their complicity and coddling of evil, I fear that more that they are cognitive of the malfeasance and mendacity of their morality.

How many more innocents must be killed in the name of Allah before it is unacceptable for the complicit Left to go on acting as if nothing is wrong?

And a special message to all you stupid, stupid women who have worn the hijab to show solidarity with Muslim women. How dare you mock the suffering of women under Sharia. How dare you. Women are owned in accordance with the Koran and Sharia they do not have a choice to even feel sunlight anywhere other than their hands and faces. Shame on each and every one of you who has tried to normalize the hijab.

Non-Muslim hijab wearers are a fraud and a menace if you really care about women’s rights in the Islamic world help the women escape their masters.

You could always spend you time trying to stop these men from throwing stones rather than encouraging Muslim women that wearing a hijab is a reasonable thing to have to do so that they aren’t raped.

Or tell these men to stop throwing stones. The hijab is not trendy nor is it a sign of women’s empowerment it is a symbol of savage oppression.


Do you blacken your eyes in solidarity with women of domestic abuse to try and make bruised faces trendy and chic?

Good grief.




2 thoughts on “Savage Altruism and the Real World”

  1. This is a very well-done post, lovely. The juxtaposition of the photographs really drive home the idea that terror changes things – something the kumbayah crowd won’t ever admit happens.

    “Cultural Relativity” and “Moral Relativity” are terms for being non-judgemental about things you are not a part of. If you aren’t on of the “in” crowd, you have no business speaking up in dissent. Who are we to judge female mutilation, when it’s a “cultural” thing? Whether something is righteously moral can only be determined from within the bubble, because there is no absolute right and wrong with these muslim apologists. They will be the first to defend any practice, no matter how horrifying, and scream islamophobia to those of us who decry such barbarism and evil horror.

    They are illogical because it is impossible to be both logical and hold two opposing viewpoints. They just throw out the part of any argument they don’t like, or start screaming at the rational person trying to have a rational discussion.

    Bottom line is, it’s impossible to have a rational conversation with an irrational person. Always.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree puzzler. There is no hope of rational discourse with a person who marches arm and arm with Linda Sasour while proclaiming themselves a feminist.

      It is so sad to see so many of our young people falling for the lies that are being espoused.

      I could do a hundred pictures of vibrant beautiful lives before and after Islam and still those conditioned to think criticism of any other culture is xenophobic will scream “You horrible person. ” at me. I can live with that.

      Not used to blogging at all. I just use it when I am very verbose on subjects so as not to fill up other people’s blog or to put a link in places with very few character allowances.

      Thank your the compliment 🙂 .

      Liked by 1 person

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