The End is Near even for the Leftist Minions hoping there is some iota of evidence that Trump colluded with Russia

It seems that the Left is doing what it always does admitting defeat without admitting defeat. NPR is saying “Well folks, hold on, maybe we ain’t gonna be able to behead Trump in the public square. There’s a good chance that even if Trump was sleeping with Putin, and everyone knows he was we the people will never know about it formally because, meh, there is a thing called Grand Jury secrecy.” (Who knew !)

This is all pathetic.

^ That is a summation of this article;

Robert Mueller May Not Be The Savior The Anti-Trump Internet Is Hoping For

(In other words the beginning of letting the “Trump is Stalin” crowd down slowly has begun.)

I find it interesting that there is talk of an Assange deal for information on his Hillary/DNC source. (Myself I have some wonder about the legality of that proposal but I’m sure there is a way to get it done, if Assange’s source was Seth Rich he will not be betraying a trust, if Assange’s source was Seth Rich the Democrats, Republicans, Mueller and President Trump already know it). I happen to believe there is about a 98% chance that Rich was Assange’s source.

WP in its infinite wisdom will not let me post a link to the article about Assange but if you search ;

<b>Exclusive: Rep. Rohrabacher Says Assange Could Be Pardoned For Info About DNC Leak</b>

My bet is that President Trump is going for the jugular sooner than we or at least I expected.

The Leftist in power are not as smart as they are brazen criminals used to being in charge and they have gone to war with a man smarter and bolder than the whole brood of elites. President Trump is the first man willing to take them all down, he is the first man who other than it’s significance to America, took a step down by moving into the White House.

Trump is not enamored with DC he is sickened by it.



One thought on “The End is Near even for the Leftist Minions hoping there is some iota of evidence that Trump colluded with Russia”

  1. I totally agree with you!! Especially Trump stepping down when he moved into the white house. Something no one ever mentions, I’m pretty sure of, that Trump is the first President who don’t read from cards. He already knows what he wants to say. He has a fast comeback with any question asked of him. I am 100% positive that he will make America Great Again!!!

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