Go to hell Mike Tomlin

Dear Mike Tomlin, James Harrison, Ben Roethlisberger and any other Steeler who feels a need to criticize Bronze Star recipient Alejandro Villanueva for honoring the flag that his brothers came home under, you can all go to hell.

On Sunday your team had 3 options, stand and support America, sit/kneel and disrespect America or 3 take the coward’s way out and abstain, vote present, hide in the tunnel because you were too afraid to be seen as pro-American or Anti-American. What a vile low candy-ass choice you made.

“I was looking for 100 percent participation, we were gonna be respectful of our football team.” Tomlin told reporters.

Your team does not come before America.

Why should anyone be forced to act in a way that is against their moral code ? The poor boys millionaire club could not all agree on whether or not to disrespect America so you hid. We Americans understand. Trust me.

Let the kneelers kneel, the sitters sit, the patriots stand, own your beliefs. Own your side. Everyone with a working knowledge of  contract law knows that the players disrespecting America could have been fined in accordance with their contract.

Remember Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf? He was fined $30,000 after disrespecting the flag and choosing to sit on his butt during the anthem. Once he was fined he worked out a compromise and stood, he recited Islamic prayers under his breath but he did not disgrace his team by disrespecting the American flag, the anthem, America herself.

The administrative branch of the NFL is tax exempt. I hope that exemption is revoked. The entire league is subsidized with billions of tax payers dollars, for what, so you can spit in the faces of the people who support you. No more.

You have backed the wrong horse. Sometimes not choosing a side is choosing  a side through omission.

You’ve taken something that unites Americans of every color, creed and religion and managed to divide them through your cowardliness and fear of offending the “wrong ” people. Fine them or fire them this is behavior that is covered in their contracts “conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the National Football League.”

Honoring 9/11 is detrimental, wearing pink in your hair to honor breast cancer survivors and casualties is detrimental, twerking is detrimental but dishonoring the American flag is not detrimental to the integrity of the NFL. Hypocrites. You lousy lowlife mamby-pamby money grubbing cowardly politically correct assholes can all go to hell.

Your decision to hide in the tunnel is disgusting and cowardly. Your decision to criticize Alejandro Villanueva a war veteran, a man who fought for your freedom, a man who saved lives, a man who was willing to lay his life down for you, a bronze heart recipient is beyond words.

Mike Tomlin, James Harrison, Ben Roethlisberger and any Steeler who has the audacity to criticize or question Alejandro Villanueva standing for the National Anthem, choosing country over his team, you are what is wrong with America. As a team you boys get a ball from one of a field to another end and celebrate. As a man Villanueva rescued wounded soldiers while under enemy fire and you cowardly clowns were hiding in a tunnel because you could’t decide whether or not to stand or sit for the American flag have the misguided intrepidity to criticize Villanueva’s dedication to America?

I hope my fellow Americans pray with me for a holy curse on your team, that you not win a single game for the rest of the season. I hope that you lose your tax exempt status, I hope you rethink your disgusting words and actions.

May the souls of the faithfully departed brothers and sisters who came home under the American flag haunt your every moment.




32 thoughts on “Go to hell Mike Tomlin”

  1. Damn fine post. Perhaps the cowardly owners of the Steelers will send the Ranger to America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys for a first round pick from Snowflake U, Missouri.

    Rangers lead the way!

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    1. Good to see you Smiley! Sorry I am not really a blogger and just use this to write longer pieces that I link to Twitter, Stella’s or Gab. I’m just figuring out how to even respond over here ! 😜


  2. Lovely,
    How wonderful! Thank you for this.
    Please read my thoughts (below) concerning this issue that I had posted at CTH. As a former Browns fan, my wish last year was to see them lose every game, which they almost did. So I would root for their opposing team. Now that we see however, the rampant hatred for America in the entire NFL, I will hope for your curse on all of them. Isn’t it astounding– the amount of hatred and jealousy that must exist within these players, coaches, owners –that they are willing to bring down an entire industry just to display that hatred. But even worse, as I mentioned, I fear that too many fans really don’t care that the NFL has become a bunch of thugs, and will continue to support it.

    Patriot Lady says:
    September 27, 2017 at 12:30 am
    Fellow refugees,
    A few weeks ago, when 12 Cleveland Browns players refused to stand for the anthem at a preseason game, I wrote this letter to a Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist:
    Mr. Naymik,
    On behalf of my retired police officer husband, I write this letter:
    Yesterday I happened to come across your 10/11/2016 article advocating a Browns’ boycott because of their poor performance on the field:
    OK, Mr. Naymick, let me get this straight: In July, 2016, Isaiah Crowell, a player who advocated assassinating police officers in his Instagram post, received virtually no punishment–a man, whose evil post was likely responsible for the deaths of 5 Dallas policemen the next day– a player still with the Browns and collecting a paycheck–that behavior is acceptable to you, but its the Browns’ poor team performance that deserves boycotting? You expect us to take you seriously?! It’s people like you and every Browns’ fan, who condone evil and continue to support this team that Jimmy Haslam is counting on. After virtually no fan outcry about Crowell’s criminal act and hatred for law enforcement, do you think Haslam is concerned about the team’s lousy performance? If Haslam was a responsible, honorable team owner who truly wanted quality players, he wouldn’t have coddled Johnny Manziel, or tolerated ‘failed-another-drug-test’ Josh Gordon for 2 years. As far as I’m concerned, as long as Isaiah Crowell is in a Browns’ uniform, no Browns’ fan should support this team.
    However, it doesn’t stop there. Now that owners of professional sports teams have allowed immorality and politics to dominate the game, the industry is doomed– Lebron James & Derrick Rose wearing Black Lives Matter shirts on basketball court, NFL’s attempt to conceal the Ray Rice video of domestic violence, and NFL players allowed to insult America during the anthem.
    And Mr. Naymick,
    It may be a waste of my effort, but you need another reminder of Crowell’s evil:
    So friends, here in Ohio, football players disrespecting our flag is really small potatoes. We have a player still on our team who advocated assassinating the police — a player who apologized only after being pressured to do so: https://www.lipstickalley.com/threads/cops-say-theyll-stop-protecting-browns-stadium-if-nfl-isaiah-crowell-doesnt-make-amends-for-posting-picture-of-cop-having-throat-slit.1055647/
    And it should surprise no one that Crowell was one of those 12 who knelt during the anthem in August and was among the 20 who knelt in Indianapolis this past Sunday. Frankly, Sundance, I’m not so sure that the NFL will be hurt at all. It doesn’t appear that enough honorable folks exist that will choose virtue over the sport.

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    1. Well done Patriot Lady, well done. They seem to think everyone hates president Trump and that they can act like spiteful children in any way that they choose. I hope and pray that people really do boycott them. For me I’m done.

      Joe Biggs’ said he went to church for the first time in 14 years and he’ll go back next Sunday.

      Wake up America!


  3. Awesomesauce Lovley. I pray your letter reaches every owner, every coach, every player and every citizen… I don’t believe anyone could have written a better letter concerning the Steelers…

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  4. Love your post and keep it up. Don’t just boycott NFL boycott all the sponsors don’t buy beer don’t buy macaroni and cheese anything like that. Call our congressman and ask him to quit funding the NFL

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      1. I hope the stupid fool gets fired and ran out of town by the seat of his pants by the Steelers fans!…lol. Good thing Good thing for Mike Tomlin that I don’t live in Pittsburgh!


  5. Love this!!!!! Thank you! I have a son in Afghanistan right now and when I see these over paid guys kneeling, it makes me sick to my stomach!!! Fire them all!!! I have to listen to my boss as most of us do. Just so sad to how much disrespect there is for this beautiful Country and for all the men and women who fight for our freedom and the ones who gave their lives for our freedom.

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    1. Yeah I was a little hot then I wrote it. I hope the NFL crashes and burns, from pictures on the net it looks like attendance is way down. I know TV viewership is down. Bravo !


      1. I know I haven’t watched since a few minutes of second week, basically to see how networks aired the National Anthem. Canceled cable shortly there after, final nail for me.
        My youngest cheerleads, love me some Friday Night Football, great young singer does the Anthem, good job at it too. EVERYONE standing, hats removed , most hand over heart. Goosebumps.

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        1. Did you see the coal miner sing the anthem before they went down in the mine? I am this close >< to canceling cable. I don't get any special football stations but the news and the shows are all nonsense.


          1. No, didn’t see or hear of it. Good? Can probably find online.
            I truly only watch Survivor, love that show. Saw last episode of first season and was like. “What did I miss!?”. Didn’t miss another episode till this latest, even though I have a CBS subscription, just not into it.
            Was watching Maria in the Mornings, Dobbs at night, but bill kept going up basic package, and was trying to prod myself to be more productive, then the NFL and snap, that was it.
            How was the visit with your daughter? Nice to get a surprise visit. You sound really close, good to hear. So many children don’t have that connection, actually rarer than one might think. Was going through the latest update on Jessica at CTH. truly sad


      2. Great replies, and today the NFL Commissioner, stands an said he and owners did not tell the players to stand for the anthem. Well they all can go to hell, and watch their games, because I have not, nor will I view anything so disrespectful!!

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