Hillary Clinton: Tyrant in a Housecoat

Hillary Clinton by all accounts is quite a horrible person. She makes the Grinch look kind even before his heart grew three sizes in that life altering moment.

Even Bill Clinton doesn’t like her.

Is Chelsea aware of the fact that she is more political token than daughter? Of course she is.

The democrats don’t like Hillary. Leon Panetta, Donna Brazile and Elizabeth Warren have all fired the first salvos across Hillary’s bow.

There is a democrat civil war brewing and it is going to be glorious.

Given Hillary is so dislikable how did she become the DNC nominee for the 2016 election?

The same way Saddam Hussein won the presidency every election cycle with 100% of the vote. The exact same way, through tyranny.

Hillary Clinton has ruled through fear and intimidation for decades, Clinton has exchanged favors for power and money her entire adult life. She and her husband made nefarious strategical use of the FBI files they illegally scoured through during President Bill Clinton’s presidency.

What happened to Hillary’s enemies people who stood in the way of her ambitions? Seth Rich, Ron Brown, JFK Jr., Kohn Ashe, Vince Foster, James Mcdougall, Ed Wiley, the boys on the tracks and the list goes on, where are they now?

But what about now?

When it comes to political power Hillary Clinton is an empty well. Hillary lost everything, no one needs to pretend to like her anymore.

With each new scalp Hillary tucked away in her quiver she made a new enemy. Hillary was only aware that her conquests would do her bidding, because she is a narcissistic shrew she never self acknowledged that their loyalty to her was out of fear rather than admiration.

Hillary is blinded by her ravenous appetite for power and wealth, she is psychopathic in her quest to be “untouchable,” to live like an emperor with unbridled power over others who she views as her inferiors.

Hillary never had a dream of becoming the first woman president in US history, she has a quest to be the most powerful woman on earth. A Hillary Clinton presidency was as close as she could hope to get. Thankfully she failed.

Hillary is the Michael Corleone of politics minus the youthful rose colored glasses, charm and the fidelity to family. She is everything bad about humanity all rolled up into one foul dank force of domination through intimidation.

There are dozens, probably hundreds of stories about the Clintons using their power to intimidate people in order to bring their enemies and “friends” to heel. It is the Clinton way.

Hillary is a tyrant in a housecoat.

For all her manipulations, deceptions and delusions of grandeur Hillary is plagued by nightmares and day terrors that she will be revealed for the low life criminal that she is rather than a noble woman worthy of a state funeral full of pomp and circumstance that she thinks the world sees.

Hillary looked terrible before the election, she looks even worse now, she is a burdened and troubled soul. Hillary is only sad and angry for herself for her loss of power and prestige. Hillary is terrified that someone will pull the curtain back on her facade and even her “friends” will stop pretending not to see her hideousness.

It does not trouble Hillary that she let four men be slaughtered by the savages of Islam, for her own political expediency, on that she sleeps easy. She is a dank soul.

What Hillary forgot to figure into her long term plan of using, abusing, and accusing people to her benefit is that every time one of her cronies did her bidding their bitterness toward her grew. Just how bitter are the people she has had under her thumb for so many years? We are about to find out.

We have front row seats to the coming democratic civil war Hillary Clinton against the DNC. Hillary’s power was political favor, she has lost <i>all</i> of her power. The power she holds by threatening to destroy people is gone, whatever she uses will come back to bite her in the derrière because to use the dirt she clings to is to reveal her own filthy hands. I never thought that I would say this but I think that there is clear evidence that the Clinton Crime family is going to be brought to heel.

An empire built on tyranny never ends well. Hillary is about to find that out in a very real way.

Hillary fears revelation, especially self revelation. She is now surrounded by mirrors rather than minions and she is terrified.

“If that fucking bastard wins we’ll all hang from nooses.”___Hillary Clinton


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11 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton: Tyrant in a Housecoat”

  1. Again, another spot on commentary, lovely! Oh to be a fly on the wall at the DNC and the halls of Congress. Can you imagine the rumors?

    I hope you’re right and this is an end to the Clinton cabal. I’ve hoped to see it in my lifetime. I may make it yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Puzzler 🙂 .Can you imagine!? They have to be running around like Kim Un ll 😜.

      The coming democrat implosion is going to be wonderful. Hillary never should have called Donna Brazile a stupid Water Buffalo.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is totally accurate about Hillary!!! It’s very well known for example that the secret service hates her for her treatment to agents on her detail who she often abuses verbally using heavy profanity for no reason at all. She needs to be in jail!

    Liked by 1 person

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