My President “The Swamp Drainer”

Remember Rubio’s face when candidate Trump exposed Rubio’s real estate scam, that is the moment Trump tipped his hand showing that he had enough aces up his sleeve to take them all out. And he did. Every single one. From Little Rubio to Crooked Hillary, they all fell and they were all surprised by their fall. One person wasn’t surprised, “The Don.”

Just watch Rubio’s face and know that is the same face that 95% of DC is making at this very moment.


Signs of change, reasons for optimism, a non-comprehensive list;

Prince Al-Waleed is in the clink, his assets are frozen or will be frozen, Al-Waleed is a major Clinton donor and hates President Trump.

3% GDP.

Donna Brazile’s book “Hillary’s campaign took on the odor of death” 😂

The great Antifa uprising on November 4th 2017 was a total failure.

Conservatives wrote a play about Ferguson relying only on the transcripts of the Grand Jury.

The Manafort indictment is a bust so far as any Trump/Russia collusion is concerned.

Hillary Clinton was forced to admit that her campaign paid for the salacious libelous Russian dossier after lying about it a week earlier.

Tony Podesta resigned from the Podesta Group after seeing the Manafort indictment because he is a smart attorney and he knows that anti-corruption laws are going to crash down on the Podesta Group like a ton of bricks.

The Clintons are blaming the Russian’s for Donna Brazile’s book 😂.

ISIS is on the ropes.

Raqqa has fallen in part due to brave Kurdish women who refuse to abandon their homeland to the savages of ISIS which is more than can be said for cowardly “men” who would rather become  refugees in a foreign land.

President Trump told his generals “Just kill the bastards” when it comes to Islamic savages.

Uranium One and Clinton’s Russian ruble windfall is going to become common knowledge.

The Hillary Obama Russia money laundering is going to hung out in the public forum.

Even CNN had to report on Hillary stealing the primary.

CNN talking heads are very very sad these days.

Kevin Spacey one of Hollywood’s favored sons is now a reviled pariah with a pedophile label hanging over his head. Neither Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey is going to go quietly into exile they are going to pull all of tinsel town into the sewer with them.

Hollywood, the DNC’s cash cow, is crumbling, Harvey Weinstein is going to jail, Alec Baldwin is “taking a break from twitter” after blaming the women who Harvey preyed upon for being sexually harassed.

Pocahontas has turned on Hillary.

The DNC is broke and it is Obama’s fault 👍🏽.

The Bush family has outed itself as globalist Clintonistas.

Lawrence O’Donnell had a public melt down because of Trump.

Kathy Griffin cannot get any work in the United States and looks unhealthier than Bill Clinton. << And that is saying something.

Brokaw is on national television bellyaching to John McCain about how President Trump turned the American people against the press 😩 cry me a river moron.

John McCain’s continuous sabotaging of the Trump agenda is going to be short lived.

The NFL is losing viewership.

The NFL is losing paying spectators and big $$$$.

ESPN is losing viewership and big $$$$.

Anthony Weiner reports to prison on Monday November 6th 2017.

Mark Halperin a pal of Mika and Joe has allegations of being a sexual predator hanging over his head.

A Bush/Podesta link has been exposed.

Anderson Cooper’s eyes look like they are starting to cross from all of the stress (really take a look you won’t turn to stone).

Hillary’s Blame Tour made her look like a complete fool even to many of her supporters.

Sarah Sanders Huckabee continues to shame the MSM.

Many liberals have argued that President Trump didn’t come out and say that the Las Vegas shooter should receive the death penalty but he did say the NY savage of Islam should receive the death penalty (Ummm…the Las Vegas shooter is already dead). The Left is growing more hysterical every day.

BLM is losing steam.

Justice Neil Gorsuch sits on the Supreme Court.

Sleepy Leftist Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is looking longer in the tooth than a decrepit old goat.

According to Brazile Obama (the Left’s Sacred Cow) left the party in such disarray and debt that Hillary literally bought the DNC. Wait what? Hillary bought the DNC with money she got from Russia for the Uranium so Russia did influence our election ✓.

The MSM is reduced to asking Sarah Sanders if President Trump supports slavery 🙄.

John McCain is dodging questions about the Russian dossier.

The Washington Post has a headline that reads Senate Democrats falsely claim GOP tax plan will raise taxes for most working-class families.

David Corn, liberal elitist, Washington bureau chief of Mother Jones and MSNBC analyst is being investigated for sexual assault.

Border crossings are down.

Immigration numbers are plummeting.

Unemployment is down.

Most of the oligarchs of DC have become complacent and are not ready to fight the war that is about to rain down on them, they are used to controlling the narrative and they hare used to having the safeguard of a Protector of the Elite in Chief.

The Powers That Be made no contingent for a Trump victory.

Remember we have had a Bush, Clinton or Obama in the highest position of power for the last 36 years. That is a huge, ugly, filthy, dirty clog, it isn’t going to come unplugged with one dose of Drāno.



If that f*cking b*stard wins we all hang from nooses!!___Hillary Clinton

That dame ain’t sleeping well.


9 thoughts on “My President “The Swamp Drainer””

  1. Excellent post Lovely…I’ve been compiling my own list of under-the-radar Trump achievements, but your list is a great one.

    I’m glad to be a subscriber of yours – keep up the good work.

    Best Regards,

    Eric B.

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    1. Hi Derk, Thanks. Gillespie lost by 9 points so that is disappointing, Trump lost in Virginia by 5 points, as we already knew we have to prepare for an energized cult that believes Russia stole the election from Hillary for Trump.

      Christie’s loss is not a surprise he has a ton of baggage and is generally unlikeable. It is still a loss of a Trump ally and an emotional boost for the liberals. I am still very optimistic, the democrats are so demoralized that they are over the moon because a socialist state stayed blue and Christie, well meh….

      How was England? Did you smack Prince Charles in the back the head for me? 🙂


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