The Unrepentant Sheriff Scott Israel


Sheriff Scott Israel of Browad County continues to proclaim that he is blameless in the massacre that took place in his county and that he is not responsible for the inaction of his deputies.

Nikolas Cruz is as much Sheriff Scott Israel’s creation as was the monster of Dr. Frankenstein, Dr. Frankenstein’s creation .

As Dr. Frankenstein sewed together his monster in his lab Sheriff Scott Israel created Nikolas Cruz in his county.

Like Dr. Frankenstein, Broward County decided to experiment with Life itself. And like Dr. Frankenstein it created a monster.

Broward County became part of the social experiment known as the Promise Program.

The promise was that if the county reported less crime amongst their student population the county would get more money.

That’s it. That’s the whole deal.

So the Broward County reported less crime amongst its student population.

But that doesn’t mean that crime amongst the student population decreased.

The Sheriff received 39 calls to the Cruz home.

The Sheriff received 20 communications from students whose lives Nikolas Cruz had threatened.

Nikolas Cruz called the sheriff’s department himself. About himself.

Nikolas Cruz threatened his peers lives on social media.

Nikolas Cruz brought knives and bullets to school.

Nikolas Cruz was never arrested, he was never convicted or charged with even a misdemeanor. Not for making death threats, not for bringing weapons to school. Nothing, zip, zero nada. And because Cruz was never charged with a single wrong doing by Sheriff Israel’s department, Broward County received money.

Why? Because Broward County continued to report low crime statistics amongst their student population.

Why? Because Broward County got more money for reporting low crime statistics amongst their student population.

Do you see the mad circle we have entered?

In 2013 Broward County Promised to use the “The least punitive means of discipline” and Nikolas Cruz was a recipient of that least punitive means of discipline for his abnormal, threatening and abhorrent behavior.

On February 14th 2018, Nikolas Cruz killed 17 innocent people and maimed more in Broward County.

Word has it that 4 Broward County deputies stood outside the school and allowed through their inaction Nikolas Cruz to kill and maim students and faculty.

Why did the Broward County deputies not enter the school and try to save the lives of the children, men and women inside the building from a madman? Why did Dr. Frankenstein turn away his monster and not protect the villagers from his creation?

What could cause such cowardliness?

I believe it has something to do with the horror of taking ownership of our own creation. Sheriff Scott Israel, his department and the Promise Program helped create the environment that allowed Nikolas Cruz to be inside that school building killing at will.

Sheriff Scott Israel defiantly states that he is not responsible for his deputies inaction.

Florida Statute

SECTION 07Deputy sheriffs.

30.07 Deputy sheriffs.—Sheriffs may appoint deputies to act under them who shall have the same power as the sheriff appointing them, and for the neglect and default of whom in the execution of their office the sheriff shall be responsible.

History.—s. 4, ch. 1659, 1868; RS 1247; GS 1675; RGS 2881; CGL 4578.

The unrepentant Sheriff Scott Israel is wrong about not being responsible for his deputies.

Every student in Sheriff Scott Israel’s county did not become a mass killer.

Does that mean Sheriff Scott Israel has no culpability?

Nikolas Cruz has an imbalanced toxic brain, his mental illness manifested itself in bullets that robbed the lives of innocent children, men and women.

Sheriff Scott Israel and his department should have been well aware of the danger that Cruz posed to society and lawfully intervened in Nikolas Cruz’s life.

Only the willfully blind would not see Cruz as a potential threat to his own life or the lives of others long before Cruz robbed so many innocents of everything as the halls of Parkland School rang with the clatter of gun shots, the screams of dying children and blood of his victims.

Sheriff Scott Israel protests that he was the only person in Broward County who didn’t know Cruz was a danger to innocent lives.

Nikolas Cruz pulled the trigger but he did so long after he told people again and again that he would do so, long after Sheriff Scott Israel and his deputies received calls about Nikolas Cruz’s threats, yet Sheriff Scott Israel said as far as he knows until February 14th, 2018, Nikolas Cruz did not commit a crime because Cruz did not have the means to carry out his threats.

Yet 17 innocent people are dead and Nikolas Cruz is a mass killer.

The unrepentant Sheriff Scott Israel was wrong about Nikolas Cruz having the means to carry out his threats.

Nikolas Cruz is mentally ill, where his legal culpability will fall rests in the hands of his creators, think about that for a while.

Sheriff Scott Israel is morally bankrupt. Where his political career falls rests in the hands of the people of Broward County.

Sheriff Scott Israel has blood on his hands, how much blood the parents of the children of Parkland feel is acceptable to be on their own hands rests in their decision to hold Israel accountable for his promise that was kept through the slaughter of Broward County children and those who gave their lives trying to save them.

Since Sheriff Scott Israel likes to compare himself to Ghandi I have a quote for him;

“It is wrong and immoral to seek to escape the consequences of one’s acts.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Go to hell Sheriff Scott Israel. Go to hell.


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