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  1. Great letter! I was a huge Steelers fan until a few years ago. When I found out Dan Rooney & the Steelers organization donated so much money to the Obama campaigns that they made him the ambassador to Ireland I stopped following the Steelers. Then when the NFL refused to air a Daniel Defense commercial during the Super Bowl because they are a gun company, that was it. They’ll run obscene/ border line pornographic commercials but not a gun commercial, a bunch of hypocrites is all they are. I hope they revoke the NFL’s tax exempt status, clearly they are just another organization push the lefts agenda.

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  2. Your letter to Mike Tomlin was The Bomb! You totally nailed it and his sorry ungrateful cowardly ass! I used to be a big fan of the Steelers, but No More, never again. Everyone of their candy asses need to be fired, and black guarded! Let’s see how they earn any millions now.

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  3. God bless you for standing up and saying your peace. These people, whether actors or athletes, politicians, etc , are overpaid pampered babies with no back bone. They don’t deserve to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. The are a ‘slap in the face’ to the United States of America and what we represent. Shame on team management for allowing this pitiful behavior. As a country, as movie and concert goers and sports fans, a clear strong message needs to be sent and loudly received by these pampered babies. How about a month of no movies or sports events, neither have been very good lately anyhow. Patriots, men and women, stand up and let your voices be heard, go for a month with out these cry babies. Let them and their representatives, leagues, owners, movie production houses. etc. taste and see what its like without our support. Send the message. Make this November, a month they won’t forget. Instead, spend the days or evenings with the people you love and enjoy. Go out to dinner, for a long walk, play games, cuddle, even clean and get ready for the holidays, make babies. Do something, anything, but don’t continue to support these unpatriotic low lives. Stand in solidarity and just say no!
    Free November, Patriotic November, United November

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