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What Trump doesn’t know…..Can’t do, shouldn’t do and other Fantasies 😉

101 ill informed and mostly hysterical reasons as to why the Left and Right told us Trump will never be the nominee, the president and finally why he would not survive his first year as president;

1)  Trump is not really running for president. False

2) Trump is only in this for the publicity. False

3) Trump has already signed a contract for Celebrity Apprentice. False

4) Trump said all Mexicans are rapists and murderers his candidacy is over. False

5) Trump will never disclose his financials. False

6) Trump is a liar. False

7) Trump calls anchor babies anchor babies. True

8) Trump calls Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas. True

9) Trump is a misogynist. False

10) Trump is a racist. False

11) Trump hates immigrants. False

12) Trump hates Muslims . False

13) Trump will never get the nomination. False

14) Trump raised his hand and said he would not necessarily support the republican nominee. True

15) Trump insulted everybody on the Republican debate stage. True

16) Governor Walker the poster boy for conservatives dropped out of the race and called on his brethren to do the same to defeat Trump. True

17) Real conservatives hate Trump. False

18) Trump sexually assaulted women by the score. False

19) Trump raped Ivana. False

20) Trump’s taxes prove his reliance on Russia. False

21) Bankruptcies galore. False

22) Trump’s hair.

23) Trump’s comment about (whomever) will cost him the nomination. False

24) Mitt Romney just delivered the death blow. False

25) The Republican Convention will replace Trump. False

26) There are deep state delegates who will vote rouge. False

27) Trump will never beat Hillary. False

28) Trump hired Kelly Anne Conway she is a Deep State Plant who will sabotage Trump’s campaign. False

29) Trump’s John McCain remark is the final nail in his coffin. False

30) Hollywood will leave America. Unfortunately false.

31) Trump has no personal success or savvy he just was gifted wealth by his dad. False

32) There are secret tapes of Trump using the N word. False

33) Trump mocked a reporter with a disability for his disability. False

34) The stock market will crash. False

35) Trump said Global Warming is not made made. True

36) Trump is going to kill the earth by reinvigorating the coal industry. False

37) Pussygate!!!! It’s all over even Mrs. Pence is mad!!!! False

38) President Trump eats Kentucky Fried Chicken with a fork and knife. True

39) Early morning November 8th MSM predicts 2016 Hillary has a 99% chance of winning Trump has a 1% chance of winning. True



40) Hillary won’t concede. False

41) Antifa/BLM/ISIS/Lindas Sasour & crew won’t allow Trump to be seated as president. False

42) The corrupt MSM is more powerful than the tweet. False

(Thank you to the artist of this graphic)

43) Trump is out of his league in Washington DC. False

44) The recount is rigged it will cost POTUSE the election. False

45) Mike Flynn has flipped and turned State Witness, President Trump is
going to be impeached. False

46) POTUS is going to make Mitt Romney his Secretary of State! All is lost! False

47) Paul Manafort has flipped and turned State Witness, President Trump is going to be impeached. False

48) Trump doesn’t understand that Reince Priebus is loyal to the RNC and his pocketbook not the United States of America. False

49) The dossier 🙄

50) Soros 😏

51) The UK doesn’t like Trump. False

52) Trump can’t read. False

53) Trump hates gays. False

54) Trump isn’t really pro-life. False


55) The Intelligence community has 6 ways from Sunday to prevent Trump from becoming president and they’ll use 7 of them. He will not make the inauguration.




56) Russia, Russia, Russia.

57) Michigan will not certify their electoral votes. False

58) President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, Comey found out about his firing while he was giving a speech and read it on a CNN scroll. True 😃

59) Boy Scout Comey testified that President Trump tried to compromise him. True but Comey’s words were false it’s called perjury.

60) The Russian’s own President Trump. False

61) President Trump has not delivered on a single campaign promise his base has deserted him. False

62) President Trump is trying to ban people because of their religion. False

63) Ann Coulter’s badgering belief that a spontaneous wall will be grown from magic beans. True she has lost her mind on this issue.

64) Mike Pence slipped up and said “When I was Vice President.” Pence is Deep State. 🙄

65) President Trump said Obama wiretapped him. True

66) President Trump is antagonizing Kim Jong -Un. False

67) President Trump will be removed through the power of the 25th Amendment. False 🙄

68) The Emoluments Clause, the Emoluments Clause, the Emoluments Clause !!! 😉

69) President Trump’s cabinet is made up entirely of white supremacists, nazis and misogynists.


70) 300 mental health workers diagnosed President Trump as a nut case! True but they are wrong and unfit to participate in their chosen profession.

71) President Trump will get us into a war with China. False

72) China gave President Trump a royal welcome. True

73) President Trump will get us into a war with Russia. False

74) President Trump is best friends with Vladimir Putin. False

75) President Trump is not listening to this Blogger or that Tweeter who obviously has superior intellect, knowledge, insider information and soothsaying abilities than does President Trump.

76) Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump or Steve Bannon is or was the real president. False

77) Macron hates President Trump and President Trump endorsed his rival. False Macron is licking President Trump’s boots in spite of being an extreme leftist.

78) AG Jeff Sessions has done nothing but smoke cigars and eat bonbons since he was confirmed. False

79) President Trump had a salacious affair with porn star Stormy Daniels. False

80) President Trump is a narcissistic bully who listens to no one. False

81) President Trump is Weeble-Head who morphs into the last person he has spoken with. False

82) President Trump trusts his enemies. False

83) President Trump hired Deep State saboteur John Kelly for his Chief of Staff (see #75 )

84) Trump is at war with the MSM – no other republican has survived even a spat. True

85) Many entities from Team Obama to Chuck Shumer to John McCain to the NRO to the MSM to the NPR has worked diligently against Trump. True

86) President Trump will never get the votes to pass any of his campaign promises. False. Taxes, Travel Ban, Repeal of Obama Care Mandate, Justice Gorsuch sound familiar?

87) President Trump pulled us out of the Paris Accord. True.

88) President Trump will not fund the UN. True

89) The Director of the FBI leaked classified documents in order to damage President Trump. True

90) The Best Friend for Life of former FBI director James Comey is leading the investigation about Russian collusion against President Trump. True

91) Trump is moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, Palestinians will rise up and kill us all in 24 hours. The first part is true the second part is false.

92) A war with Bannon will bring the Trump presidency down. False

93) Rep Devin Nunes disregarded precedent and spoke directly to the White House about Deep State corruption Nunes removed himself from a power of position in the committee of the House Intelligence Committee. True. Nunes is now quietly more powerful.

94) President Trump has no idea what he is doing. False

95) Lowest approval rating of any president ever. False

96) President Trump’s doctor is a liar, President Trump is obese, crazy, and has one foot in the grave. False

97) President Trump has the IQ and vocabulary of a fourth grader. False

“I have seen 25-year intelligence professionals receive briefings. I would tell you that President Trump is the kind of recipient of our information at the same level that they are,” said CIA director Pompeo.

“He has the grounding for him to be able to grasp this information in a way that he can ask sophisticated questions that then lead to important policy discussions, we’ll be sitting in a National Security Council meeting talking about a particular topic, and he’ll bring up something that I briefed him on weeks or months ago. It could be that he knew that before that.”

“I’m going to take full credit for having been the source of that knowledge, but I’ve seen this time and time again,” Pompeo added.

“So it’s not simply the case that this is an exercise. He’s using it. He’s taking it on board, and I’m confident that our team is delivering in a way that’s delivering value to the president and to not just him, but to our senior policymakers as well.”

98) President Trump called Haiti and some some countries in Africa shit holes. False

99) President Trump is going to allow all DACA to vote in the next election because he does not understand what the democrats are doing. False

100) President Trump only gets his news from the TV. False

101) Mueller is setting a trap for Trump. True

You betcha’ he is!





“What a wonderful world.” ___ Louis Armstrong (Songwriters: George David Weiss, Robert Thiele)



“Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.” ― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin



“Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.__Thich Nhat Hanh


“Or rather, let us be more simple and less vain.”__Rousseau


“The world is mud-luscious and puddle wonderful.”__ E. E. Cummings

“Be still, and know that I am God”.__God



Bless the beasts and the children













Beware of President Trump’s Rabbits. Really.

What General Flynn did with Ambassador Kislyak was perfectly legal. Which continues to beg the question why did General Flynn lie?

Flynn knew that his conversations with Kislyak were taped. Again why the lie?

This has bothered me for a long time.

Why lie. It was driving me crazy.

Then Thomas Wictor put a bug in my ear about Flynn being a spook.

General Flynn did not declare income from Turkey and Russia. General Flynn is an enemy of Obama/Clinton/the Deep State and will not be afforded the same luxury of a retro filing of foreign income as the Podesta brothers are seeking.

Flynn a confidant of candidate Trump and President Trump is no cookie crumb.

Flynn could have been charged and likely convicted of not declaring lobbying money from a foreign country.

General Flynn exposed the corruption in the Obama administration.

General Flynn was fired by Obama.

Flynn has a bone to pick with the corrupt oligarchs bent on destroying America to benefit their pocketbooks and General Flynn has a country that he loves to protect.

General Flynn knew that he did not file the paperwork and was vulnerable to criminal prosecution.

General Flynn, like President Trump is a thinker, a long range player.

Lie about something to the FBI. Hype it up. Let the MSM, the DNC hype it up, let the big nothing burger float out all over the airwaves.

Flynn cuts a deal and gets Federal Immunity on the more serious charges. Why would Mueller accept this plea? Because the entire Russian Collusion scenario is theater and screaming “President Trump’s pal General Flynn lied to the FBI about Russia!!!” plays well to that narrative.

These are corrupt people working against President Trump, corrupt through heir very core, they are not used to fighting their battles against a worthy adversary they are used to silencing their enemies through, threats, blackmail, death and destruction.

President Trump has a vault size safety deposit box with enough information on each and everyone of them to their demise.

Anyone who thinks that this is still about Russia or even the law is simply a ninny head. It is about a silent coup by the oligarchs of DC working to oust President Trump who is slowly but steadily leading them all to the gallows. But I digress.

Back to Flynn.

Lying to the FBI is a felony.

It is. That’s correct. But it is a felony whether you are under oath or not under oath if you lie to the FBI.

What has President Trump been saying for over a year “Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI.” ;

What was the disgraced James Comey forced to admit? Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI.



What does everyone know? Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI.

What does Hillary Clinton know? Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI.Do you see the lovely trap that has been set? Who has presidential pardons in his pocket?  Clue;  Their last name is not Obama, Clinton, Ryan or Mueller.

What a delight.

But the clever as dirt Don Lemon types pose Hillary Clinton was not under oath.

Nah nah nah nah boo boo they chant as they stick out their tongues at normal Americans.

But what does US Law say.

Just for the giggle have a wee peek at 18 U.S.C. Section 1001;

Did you know that it is a crime to tell a lie to the federal government? Even if your lie is oral and not under oath? Even if you have received no warnings of any kind? Even if you are not trying to cheat the government out of money? Even if the government is not actually misled by your falsehood? Well it is.

It can be safely assumed that General Flynn has many friends who are still in the military and who have information friendly to Flynn’s plight. We can logically infer that these friends of General Flynn are enemies of the Clinton/Obama Dynasty and actively, diligently, stealthily working to bring about their downfall of their cabal.

If Flynn is a spook (and I am more convinced of that he is everyday and with every overturned rock) we are seeing unfold before our eyes the greatest sting operation this nation has ever seen and the reverberations of the fallen will shake the earth to its core.

“If that fucking bastard wins we will all hang from nooses.”__Hillary Clinton

Hat tip to Thomas Wictor for bending my mind in the right direction.

And finally, how much horse crap is the Russian collusion witch hunt and the persecution of General Flynn?

Pointy head ideologues are throwing the Logan Act into the mix 😏. Along with volumes of evidence that alone indicates a full horse crap load.

The Logan Act is an arcane law. There have been two indictments under the Logan Act both in the 1800’s both cases were lost by the prosecution or perhaps the indictments never even made it to trial. I’m tired of researching BS to prove simple facts.

American citizens who are part of a presidential transition team can speak with foreign governments. Simple fact. Simple.


Remember President Trump knows that the FBI has been corrupted by forces within and without and is working on righting the ship.



Remember President Trump pulls rabbits out of his hat, on his time, when the rabbit does the most damage to the enemies of the United States.

None of President Trump’s rabbits are ordinary rabbits.


Trust me on this and that includes General Flynn.



People like Peter Strzok will keep meeting rabbits and yet somehow (thankfully) the elites keep underestimating President Trump. Silly arrogant, complacent, elites.

“Well Golly!” Look at what President Trump just learned!



Stupid elites.

Team Clinton/Obama/McConnell/RNC/DNC/MSM, y’all keep scratching your heads about that rube President Trump at your own peril. Patriotic Americans are counting on it.






The World According to Trump


Reasons for optimism or in other words quit your bitching.

New York Times Reporter: Obama Administration Misled on al Qaeda!

A top foreign correspondent at the New York Times said Friday that the Obama administration deliberately downplayed al Qaeda’s strength in the run-up to the 2012 presidential election.

“The overall narrative that I think was being pushed to the press, and if you look back at the editorials that were done when that trove came out, was an image of bin Laden isolated, he had lost control of this group,” Rukmini Callimachi said during an event at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, referring to the 17 hand-picked documents released by the Obama administration in May of 2012.

A NYT reporter questions the honesty of Barack Obama? These elitist globalists are going to be cutting right through each others jugulars by the time 2020 comes around.

President Trump tells the PLO that he is likely going to give their DC office the green boot.

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Hillary has been put back in the position of defending sexual predators.

The Trumpzation of the Middle East;

Saudi Arabia says ‘enough is enough’ to Iran and proxy Hezbollah


Saudi Foreign Minister signals to Iran: ‘We’re not going to let you do this anymore’

Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Abdel al-Jubeir told Iran on Thursday that “enough is enough” in response to its “aggressive manner” whilst further stating a growing call for ousting its proxy group Hezbollah from the region.


Women are learning to drive in Saudi Arabia.


The Gargoyle of NK has gone quiet. What did XI say to Kim Jong Un? President Trump basically ended the war of words with Kim by saying that Trump tried to be his friend 🙃.

China respects President Trump. China needs the USA.

China released 3 black US thieves because Xi knew it would please President Trump.

Putin needs the United States and though I would say Putin fears no one he respects President Trump’s power, bullheadedness, business sense, success, unapologetic patriotism, and Putin hates Clinton 😜 (sorry) hat tip to James Comey.

Savage Muslims are being decimated by freed up US Forces all across the Middle East and beyond.

General (Ret.) Mattis runs the military like a war wise general rather than a poll conscious politician and the Warrior Saint is killing a massive amount of the enemies of freedom. Period.



Israel the only democracy in the Middle East knows that United States is back and they are going after the savages of Islam with President Trump’s blessing.

Israel is acting proactively.

The Moore allegations are falling apart and Moore has raised more money since the spurious accusations have been made.

A dozen women have come forward to give statements on the good character of Roy Moore.

The son of Beverly Nelson said his step mother is lying about the Moore accusations and he has since been verbally and physically threatened for stating the truth.

There is nothing credible about a woman who is at a custody hearing leaving her 14 year old daughter who she is in fear of losing outside with a strange man as she goes to a hearing about that very daughters wellbeing. Judge “Madam, where is your 14 year old daughter?” Mom fighting for custody of her daughter “Outside with a man I just met your honor.” Yes that is a reasonable scenario.

Roy Moore Accuser Is 3X Divorcee Who — ‘Claimed Several Pastors Made Sexual Advances At Her’

Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan continue to reveal themselves as globalists motivated solely by greed, power and self preservation.

Hollywood is imploding under the weight of its own perversions.

The Left is at war with itself.

The Podesta Group is done. It is under federal investigation. John Podesta is bellyaching about how the FBI and DOJ are out to get Hillary and her associates 😎.

The Uranium One investigation is in good hands. A hand that is not showing its cards. Smart.

Hillary broke her toe while running downstairs in high heels 😂 by falling backwards while she was carrying her own coffee (for the first time in 25 years) and she is still wearing a medical boot on that foot a month later 😏.

Sure Hillary, sure.

The MSM, DNC and RNC all still think that President Trump is only president of the United States due to some fluke of the universe and continue to underestimate him.

One person knows how dangerous President Trump is and her name is Hillary Clinton.

“If that f*cking b*stard wins we all hang from nooses.” __H

Hillary you never should have called Donna Brazile a stupid water buffalo, never bite the hand that feeds you debate questions you silly old buffoon.


My President “The Swamp Drainer”

Remember Rubio’s face when candidate Trump exposed Rubio’s real estate scam, that is the moment Trump tipped his hand showing that he had enough aces up his sleeve to take them all out. And he did. Every single one. From Little Rubio to Crooked Hillary, they all fell and they were all surprised by their fall. One person wasn’t surprised, “The Don.”

Just watch Rubio’s face and know that is the same face that 95% of DC is making at this very moment.


Signs of change, reasons for optimism, a non-comprehensive list;

Prince Al-Waleed is in the clink, his assets are frozen or will be frozen, Al-Waleed is a major Clinton donor and hates President Trump.

3% GDP.

Donna Brazile’s book “Hillary’s campaign took on the odor of death” 😂

The great Antifa uprising on November 4th 2017 was a total failure.

Conservatives wrote a play about Ferguson relying only on the transcripts of the Grand Jury.

The Manafort indictment is a bust so far as any Trump/Russia collusion is concerned.

Hillary Clinton was forced to admit that her campaign paid for the salacious libelous Russian dossier after lying about it a week earlier.

Tony Podesta resigned from the Podesta Group after seeing the Manafort indictment because he is a smart attorney and he knows that anti-corruption laws are going to crash down on the Podesta Group like a ton of bricks.

The Clintons are blaming the Russian’s for Donna Brazile’s book 😂.

ISIS is on the ropes.

Raqqa has fallen in part due to brave Kurdish women who refuse to abandon their homeland to the savages of ISIS which is more than can be said for cowardly “men” who would rather become  refugees in a foreign land.

President Trump told his generals “Just kill the bastards” when it comes to Islamic savages.

Uranium One and Clinton’s Russian ruble windfall is going to become common knowledge.

The Hillary Obama Russia money laundering is going to hung out in the public forum.

Even CNN had to report on Hillary stealing the primary.

CNN talking heads are very very sad these days.

Kevin Spacey one of Hollywood’s favored sons is now a reviled pariah with a pedophile label hanging over his head. Neither Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey is going to go quietly into exile they are going to pull all of tinsel town into the sewer with them.

Hollywood, the DNC’s cash cow, is crumbling, Harvey Weinstein is going to jail, Alec Baldwin is “taking a break from twitter” after blaming the women who Harvey preyed upon for being sexually harassed.

Pocahontas has turned on Hillary.

The DNC is broke and it is Obama’s fault 👍🏽.

The Bush family has outed itself as globalist Clintonistas.

Lawrence O’Donnell had a public melt down because of Trump.

Kathy Griffin cannot get any work in the United States and looks unhealthier than Bill Clinton. << And that is saying something.

Brokaw is on national television bellyaching to John McCain about how President Trump turned the American people against the press 😩 cry me a river moron.

John McCain’s continuous sabotaging of the Trump agenda is going to be short lived.

The NFL is losing viewership.

The NFL is losing paying spectators and big $$$$.

ESPN is losing viewership and big $$$$.

Anthony Weiner reports to prison on Monday November 6th 2017.

Mark Halperin a pal of Mika and Joe has allegations of being a sexual predator hanging over his head.

A Bush/Podesta link has been exposed.

Anderson Cooper’s eyes look like they are starting to cross from all of the stress (really take a look you won’t turn to stone).

Hillary’s Blame Tour made her look like a complete fool even to many of her supporters.

Sarah Sanders Huckabee continues to shame the MSM.

Many liberals have argued that President Trump didn’t come out and say that the Las Vegas shooter should receive the death penalty but he did say the NY savage of Islam should receive the death penalty (Ummm…the Las Vegas shooter is already dead). The Left is growing more hysterical every day.

BLM is losing steam.

Justice Neil Gorsuch sits on the Supreme Court.

Sleepy Leftist Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is looking longer in the tooth than a decrepit old goat.

According to Brazile Obama (the Left’s Sacred Cow) left the party in such disarray and debt that Hillary literally bought the DNC. Wait what? Hillary bought the DNC with money she got from Russia for the Uranium so Russia did influence our election ✓.

The MSM is reduced to asking Sarah Sanders if President Trump supports slavery 🙄.

John McCain is dodging questions about the Russian dossier.

The Washington Post has a headline that reads Senate Democrats falsely claim GOP tax plan will raise taxes for most working-class families.

David Corn, liberal elitist, Washington bureau chief of Mother Jones and MSNBC analyst is being investigated for sexual assault.

Border crossings are down.

Immigration numbers are plummeting.

Unemployment is down.

Most of the oligarchs of DC have become complacent and are not ready to fight the war that is about to rain down on them, they are used to controlling the narrative and they hare used to having the safeguard of a Protector of the Elite in Chief.

The Powers That Be made no contingent for a Trump victory.

Remember we have had a Bush, Clinton or Obama in the highest position of power for the last 36 years. That is a huge, ugly, filthy, dirty clog, it isn’t going to come unplugged with one dose of Drāno.



If that f*cking b*stard wins we all hang from nooses!!___Hillary Clinton

That dame ain’t sleeping well.

Hillary Clinton: Tyrant in a Housecoat

Hillary Clinton by all accounts is quite a horrible person. She makes the Grinch look kind even before his heart grew three sizes in that life altering moment.

Even Bill Clinton doesn’t like her. What is your best guess is Chelsea aware of the fact that she is more political token than daughter?

The democrats don’t like her. Leon Panetta, Donna Brazile and Elizabeth Warren have fired the first salvos across Hillary’s bow.

There is a democrat civil war brewing and it is going to be glorious.

Given Hillary is so dislikable how did she become the DNC nominee for the 2016 election?

The same way Saddam Hussein won the presidency every election cycle with 100% of the vote. The exact same way, through tyranny.

Hillary Clinton has ruled through fear and intimidation for decades, Clinton has exchanged favors for power and money her entire adult life. She and her husband made nefarious strategical use of the FBI files they illegally scoured through during President Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Hillary had enemies people who were in the way of her ambitions, Seth Rich, Ron Brown, JFK Jr., Kohn Ashe, Vince Foster, James Mcdougall, Ed Wiley, the boys on the tracks and the list goes on.

When it comes to political power Hillary Clinton is an empty well. Hillary lost everything, no one needs to pretend to like her anymore.

With each new scalp Hillary tucked away in her quiver she made a new ally and a new enemy. She was only aware that her conquests would do her bidding and because she is narcissistic shrew she never acknowledged that their loyalty to her was out of fear rather than admiration.

Hillary is blinded by her ravenous appetite for power and wealth, she is psychopathic in her quest to be “untouchable,” to live like an empress with unbridled power over others who she views as her inferiors.

Hillary never had a dream of becoming the first woman president in US history, she has a quest to be the most powerful woman on earth. A Hillary Clinton presidency was as close as she could hope to get. Thankfully she failed.

Hillary is the Michael Corleone of politics minus the youthful rose colored glasses, charm and the fidelity to family. She is everything bad about humanity all rolled up into one foul dank force of domination through intimidation.

There are dozens, probably hundreds of stories about the Clintons using their power to intimidate people in order to bring their enemies and “friends” to heel. It is the Clinton way.

Hillary is a tyrant in a housecoat.

For all her manipulations, deceptions and delusions of grandeur Hillary is plagued by nightmares and day terrors that she will be revealed for the low life criminal that she is rather than a noble woman worthy of a state funeral full of pomp and circumstance that she thinks the world sees.

Hillary looked terrible before the election, she looks even worse now, she is a burdened and troubled soul. It does not trouble her that she let four men be slaughtered by the savages of Islam, for her own political expediency, on that she sleeps easy. Hillary is terrified that someone will pull the curtain back on her facade and even her friends will stop pretending not to see her hideousness.

What Hillary forgot to figure into her long term plan of using, abusing, and accusing people to her benefit is that every time one of her cronies did her bidding their bitterness toward her grew. Just how bitter are the people she has had under her thumb for so many years? We are about to find out.

We have front row seats to the coming democratic civil war Hillary Clinton against the DNC. Hillary’s power was political favor, she has lost <i>all</i> of her power. The power she holds by threatening to destroy people is gone, whatever she uses will come back to bite her in the derrière because to use the dirt she clings to is to reveal her own filthy hands. I never thought that I would say this but I think that there is clear evidence that the Clinton Crime family is going to be brought to heel.

An empire built on tyranny never ends well. Hillary is about to find that out in a very real way.

Hillary fears revelation, especially self revelation. She is now surrounded by mirrors rather than minions and she is terrified.

“If that fucking bastard wins we’ll all hang from nooses.”___Hillary Clinton


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Go to hell Mike Tomlin

Dear Mike Tomlin, James Harrison, Ben Roethlisberger and any other Steeler who feels a need to criticize Bronze Star recipient Alejandro Villanueva for honoring the flag that his brothers came home under, you can all go to hell.

On Sunday your team had 3 options, stand and support America, sit/kneel and disrespect America or 3 take the coward’s way out and abstain, vote present, hide in the tunnel because you were too afraid to be seen as pro-American or Anti-American. What a vile low candy-ass choice you made.

“I was looking for 100 percent participation, we were gonna be respectful of our football team.” Tomlin told reporters.

Your team does not come before America.

Why should anyone be forced to act in a way that is against their moral code ? The poor boys millionaire club could not all agree on whether or not to disrespect America so you hid. We Americans understand. Trust me.

Let the kneelers kneel, the sitters sit, the patriots stand, own your beliefs. Own your side. Everyone with a working knowledge of the contract law knows that the players disrespecting America could have been fined in accordance with their contract.

Remember Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf? He was fined $30,000 after disrespecting the flag and choosing to sit on his butt during the anthem. Once he was fined he worked out a compromise and stood, he recited Islamic prayers under his breath but he did not disgrace his team by directing the American flag, the anthem, America herself.

The administrative branch of the NFL is tax exempt. I hope that exemption is revoked. The entire league is subsidized with billions of tax payers dollars, for what, so you can spit in the faces of the people who support you. No more.

You have backed the wrong horse. Sometimes not choosing a side is choosing through omission.

You’ve taken something that unites Americans of every color, creed and religion and managed to divide them through your cowardliness and fear of offending the “wrong ” people. Fine them or fire them this is behavior that is covered in their contracts “conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the National Football League.”

Honoring 9/11 is detrimental, wearing pink in your hair to honor breast cancer survivors and casualties is detrimental, twerking is detrimental but dishonoring the American flag is not detrimental to the integrity of the NFL. Hypocrites. You lousy lowlife mamby-pamby money grubbing cowardly political correct assholes can all go to hell.

Your decision to hide in the tunnel is disgusting and cowardly. Your decision to criticize Alejandro Villanueva a war veteran, a man who fought for your freedom, a man who saved lives, a man who was willing to lay his life down for you, a bronze heart recipient is beyond words.

Mike Tomlin, James Harrison, Ben Roethlisberger and any Steeler who has the audacity to criticize or question Alejandro Villanueva standing for the National Anthem, choosing country over his team, you are what is wrong with America. As a team you boys get a ball from one of a field to another side of the field and celebrate. As a man Villanueva rescued wounded soldiers while under enemy fire and you cowardly clowns are hiding in a tunnel because you could’t decide whether or not to stand or sit for the American flag have the misguided intrepidity to criticize Villanueva’s  dedication to America?

I hope my fellow Americans pray with me for a holy curse on your team, that you not win a single game for the rest of the season. I hope that you lose your tax exempt status, I hope you rethink your disgusting words and actions.

May the souls of the faithfully departed brothers and sisters who came home under the American flag haunt your every moment.



**Sorry folks if you get caught up in spam** I am new to this and trying to figure things out. I greatly appreciate all the passion we all feel about our America!